We are just so very lucky to know Elizabeth Kneafsey, aka ‘Wild Wool Shepherdess.’ Ed and I went to school with Elizabeth in Calverton, a village in Nottinghamshire, so we have had the pleasure of following her on Instagram and Facebook for a while and enjoying following her beautiful journey. Elizabeth is a shepherdess. I know! How cools that?! She looks after her herd their whole lives, bringing them into the world, rearing them beautifully with love and care – she even names everyone of them. She is committed to giving them the best life possible – organically raised and produces the most succulent sweet Hoggett, that we’ve been thoroughly enjoying of late! Hoggett is a more mature lamb, slaughtered at around 18-24 months. She sells it locally and we have been fortunate to be able to experiment fully with lots of different cuts on our Fire Cage. It is absolutely beautiful meat.

Elizabeth is passionate about respecting her animals through the life/death process in a very spiritual way and it is because of this, that she became, Wild Wool Shepherdess. She creates unique, wild and rugged woven rugs, brain tanned hides and living Felted rugs with wool harvested from her own flock of organic, heritage breed sheep. She is a practitioner of traditional, primitive skills and is now teaching small holders and individuals through workshops, how to bring back the value of wool and live more sustainably in harmony and connection with our land, animals and wildlife.

She is an incredibly interesting and intelligent woman. We feel so proud to be connected to her again through our shared interests. You may have seen her on TV on ‘This week on the Farm’ on Channel 5. If you missed it, make sure you ‘watch again’ if you can. We are hoping to have Elizabeth at our next Savage BBQ Workshop and Feast Night. (Details to be announced very soon.)

In the meantime, please do check out her website www.wildwoolshepherdess.com

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