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Fire Cooking the traditional Cretan way. Slow cooked & flame flavoured…

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One summer we were really fortunate to get a week away in Crete & saw these beautiful traditional BBQ’s. Antikristo meaning ‘across the fire’ is a technique originally used by shepherds, that lets the meat cook in its own fat and salt with the heat coming from the flames rather than the coals. The meat is really slowly cooked, sometimes up to 6 hours, developing incredible different flavours in the process. We have never tasted anything like it!

Traditionally in Crete, a young lamb or sometimes goat, is cut into 4 pieces (called gouilidia) salted & then placed on skewers that are arranged around the fire in a circular formation – taking into consideration the wind, the intensity of the fire & distance between the fire & the meat. In the past, Antikristo was common in the villages of Psiloritis, but now it is found all over Crete.

Being Savage, this product doesn’t have to be for the traditional only. We have spatch-cocked chicken & rump tail on ours recently. It also has the added advantage of being able to hang our cast iron range from a hook at the top, or stood on the top grate. Plus of course, the base is a fire pit & can be used with or without the Antikristo.

It’s a multi-tasker and possibly the most relaxing and chilled way of Fire Cooking ever…


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