Fire Cage levels of cooking
Using the floating and standing grills and the hooks and chain to cook food at different levels and temperatures.
Here at Savage BBQ, we are so very fortunate to work with our partner Jurgen Hofman. As a professional Fire Chef for the last 15 years and passionate about all things BBQ like us – we are pretty much a match made in heaven. If you are a restaurant, pub or commercial venue, get in touch with him to find out how we can best help you with your Fire Cage needs. Jurgens cooking is utterly amazing and his ingredients are often very much ‘outside the box’ of convention. We love to see what he’s going to cook next on the Fire Cage! Originally from Holland and now living in Cork, he brings a wealth of flavours to his cooking – from traditional Dutch cuisine to the beautiful seafood of the Southern Irish coastlines. Not only is he busy creating unique bespoke Fire Cages for the restaurant sector, but also our Head Fire Chef for future Savage BBQ Festivals, Fire Schools and workshops. (all to be announced very soon.) You can follow him on Instagram & Facebook @culinary_demons

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