Cooking and eating together as a family can be such a joy. But whats crucial is that children understand the safety aspects of all the potential dangerous bits! Ed loves getting our kids involved and see’s learning to cook as an intergral part of growing up and being able to take care of yourself. Eva, our 13 year old, is a fantastic baker and cook these days – and thinks nothing of whipping us up some banana bread or lemon drizzle cake – and she makes a mean spag bol! She’s so independent in the kitchen and feels very much in control of all the applicances and utensils. Ed has always told them to not be frightened of the sharp knives, but to just have respect for them. Learning to chop and slice correctly and hold them in the correct way. Sebbie, who’s 8, is just now starting to really enjoy getting involved with our cook ups – and loves to cut up all the fruit and veg for smoothies or kebabs on sticks, or help us roll the panko breadcrumbs on his fish or chicken for his homemade goujans or nuggets. They both love to help Ed make homemade meatballs – mixing the meat and herbs and eggs together and getting all messy rolling them in between their hands. And they’re always super proud of themselves when it arrives at the table looking fantastic!

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