For most of us, the draw of live fire cooking can’t be matched. The flames, the smokey ambience, the smells and of course, the incredible taste.

Our Fire Cages come in 3 different designs & can be used indoors in professional kitchens, outside or on the go for events.

We have now sold hundreds of cages to restaurants around the UK who are loving the show-stopping uniqueness of these incredible BBQ’s.

We’re a family business as many of you know – born and bred in Nottinghamshire, who started the company in lock down, hand-making our Fire Cages from our workshop in Epperstone.

We now offer the original Fire Cage, the Fire Cage PRO – a worktop grill for restaurant kitchens, the Fire Cage V2, a sliding grill mechanism version of the original and the Antikristo, the incredible traditional greek way to slow cook by flame.

Without a doubt, our products are good at what they do and really well made. We make each of them to order so you can bespoke and tweek to make them perfect for your venue.

We would love to chat to you – whether you are a restaurant, hotel, pub, caterer or wedding venue. The Fire Cage really adds a whole new level to what you can give to your customers.

Email to set up a meeting or place an order. We look forward to hearing from you. Rachel & Eddy



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