Last week Eddy fired up the cage Monday to Sunday. Cooking fantastic family food for us all to enjoy. I mean, yes – undoubtedly, the Cage is impressive – and its deserving of some properly impressive cooks, like half a lamb on the Asado, an awesome Dirty Steak or Porchetta on the Rotisserie. However, it’s just so multi-functional and easy to use, you can create every day meals really simply. So we enjoyed Chilli and Rice, Monkfish Curry and Naan, Smash Burgers, some MEGA Chops and roasted veg and a Sunday Roast with Yorkshire Puds in the Smoke Box that were worthy of awards! (see more pics and videos on our Instagram page – savage__bbq

The thing is – we often think of getting a BBQ going and ready to rumble as quite the chore, but according to Eddy, its no different to putting the oven on to warm it up begin you begin to cook in the kitchen.

Eddys tips for a fantastically quick and easy cook.

1. Use Clean Lump Charcoal. We love Globaltic and Whittle & Flame. A bit more expensive than your standard shop charcoal, but utterly worth it.

2. Get yourself a Charcoal Starter. (watch this space for a Savage BBQ one coming soon!) They are brilliant and mean you save time, money and fuel.

Doing these two things will mean you are done and ready to get cooking up a storm in about 10-15 minutes!

So get Fire Cooking! Our cages come in 2 sizes – 1200 or 800 and have an array of fantastic accessories including The Savage Meat Press, Asado, Smoke Box & Rotisserie. Get in touch today to find out more or get ordering!

Fire Cage BBQ – 1200

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